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MACHINE SOURCE INTERNATIONAL specializes in Machinery and Equipment for the Forging, Fastener, Wire, Tube/Pipe, and Primary Metal Industries.

MACHINE SOURCE INTERNATIONALhas developed this web-site to better serve the Wire and Fastener Industry. Please feel freel to browse our products.

Machine Source Wanteds:


We currently have buyers for the machines listed below.

If you have any of these machines available, or any surplus

machinery, we would appreciate it very much if you could email the

details to us. We will contact you after receiving the information.

Thank you.


Fastener Machines

1.     5 & 6-Die Partsformers All sizes

2.     National S2 Cold Nut Formers All sizes

3.     National Formax Cold Formers All sizes

4.     Ball Headers High Speed w/bushing cutoff

5.     1" x 10" or longer 4 & 5-Die Progressive Headers

6.     5/8" or larger open die long stroke headers

7.     1" Threadrollers (automatic incline & horizontal hand feed)

8.     National 2-Die 3-Blow transfer headers (all models)

9.     Sacma 4 and 5-Die Progressive Headers

10.  Asahi Sunac 2-Die 3-Blow transfer headers

11.  EW Menn Threadrollers

12.  Waterbury #3 and #4 2-Die 4-Blow transfer headers

13.  Hot Forming Lines (Hatebur, Sakamura, Schuler, National)

14.  Hatebur Model AKP cold formers

15.  National Model 1000, 1250, 1500 Partsformers

16.  National Model 245 Forming Centers


Forging Machinery:

1. 6,300ton Mechanical Hot Forging Press

2. 200 to 8000ton National Maxi Presses

3. 200 to 8000ton Ajax Mechanical Presses

4. Hot Forming Lines (Hatebur, Sakamura, Schuler, National)

5. 2-1/2" National Upsetter

6. 6" and larger Upsetters Horizontal Forging Machines

7. Sakamura Hot Forming Lines (all sizes)

8. Double Toggle upsetters (all sizes)

9. Ring rolling lines all sizes


Bar Machinery:

1. Bar Peelers (all sizes and makes)

2. 2-roll bar straighteners (all sizes and makes)

3. Combi-draw lines (Prefer Schumag)


Wire Machinery

1. Bihler Wire Forming Machines

2. Nail Spike Machines Long Stroke

3.Wafios High Speed Nail Machines

4.Wire Straightening & Cutoff Lines (with flying shear)

5. Combi-draw lines (Schumag, Danielli, all sizes)



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Machinery that we carry.

Bolt maker, Partsformer, Cold Header, Thread Roller, Upsetter, Nut Former, Press, Forging, Stamping, Transfer Header, Rivet Header, Hot Former, Thread Roller, Nail Header, Progressive header, Multi Die Header, Head Slotter, Shank Slotter, Wire Drawer, Nut Tapper.


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